Angel from my Nighmare
Sampler Vol.18 - Jahre später

Sometimes you deceive in your friends,

"friends are always there" just gets a slogan for you.

Sitting alone in a room and nothing there but music.

Thinking about a person with that extraordinary position in my life.


Things in life are gonna change like the weather,

yesterdays sun - todays clouds - tomorrows rain.

But only in moments I felt the rain, I found myself.

And I wonder - from party to togetherness:


"And in the night I could be helpless,

I could be lonely sleeping without you.

And in the day everythings complex.

There's nothing simple, when I'm not around you."


At first you were the girl "I wanted to make her mine".

One of my friends and "my friends are important to me".

Thinking of a soulmate nothing was ever clear to me...

until now.


"Forget the trip that you've been on

or so it seems

Nevermind the things that I told, my tears"

You give a lifetime and you get some nice words. Not fair.


Where are all the right friends?

Saying something stupid like "we'll never loose". It's easy to say!

Only a few of them remember today. It's difficult to remember!

Most forgot what's a sms or a lovely message in your guestbook.

Can you please tell me what's an e-mail again?


Now the woman remains I never thought she's the one for me.

She's thinking just like me and years are gone,

I'm together with her and it's like with no one other.

Do you know what "lucky" means? I do.

Do you also know what it means to be lucky for a long time? I do.


And I won't tell it to my poor friends.

Fuck of those who don't remember their own slogans.

That's life and now i know, what it means

to have an extraordinary person by my side!

3.7.08 18:31


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Franzi... (4.7.08 14:21)
You've got mail...

Dominic / Website (12.7.08 03:12)
Danke Franzi...

Alle anderen hats wohl kaum gekrazt

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